My Favorite Jewelry

I like a good mix of statement jewelry and more delicate pieces, and in this stage of motherhood where I’m dressing quite casual I find that I wear delicate jewelry more often.

Some pieces are meaningful and have a story, and others are just some favorites that I’ve found at retail stores My Favorite Jewelry!

The silouette necklace from the very first photo of the post is by Le Papier Studio. I’m wearing the tiny charms in 14k rose gold. The silhouettes are of my 3 children, and their initial is on each charm. I’ve worked with Vana and her team and I can tell you they are wonderful. It’s a very special necklace to me.

Below are two of my most worn earrings. The earring jackets are from J.Crew Factory, and the Stembend ones are from Madewell. I love them both so much I have a backup pair of each of them!


When Justin and I had the boys, Justin wanted to have an heirloom for each of them to pass down to them when they got older. He decided on a watch, and has since gotten two watches, one is his David watch and the other is his Luke watch. He’s worn both (literally, one on each wrist) on all of his mountain climbs and has even had custom straps made with the dates and info from each climb. It’s nice to see him wearing both the watches now and to imagine the boys recieving them as gifts later in life. We don’t care if they wear them, of course, as the style will certainly have changed, but it’s the memories and thoughtfulness of the heirloom that matters!

When I had Emily this year it was my turn to get something that I could wear and pass down to her as an heriloom! When Emily was about 2 weeks old, Justin and I went on a date and he brought me to a jewelry store. I chose this ring that I wear on my right hand. I absolutely love it. It’s very special and I wear it every single day.

The smaller ring with the 4 stones is a ring I recently added to my collection. I found it through discovering Melanie Casey on instagram and spent a long time scrolling through all the jewelry from her line. It’s so delicate and light, and looks so pretty on it’s own or as a part of a stack.

Another very commonly worn necklace is my initial necklace from Maya Brenner. It had D and L on it for a few years but I shipped it back to add the letter E to it once Emily arrived last year. It’s very delicate but can stand lots of grabbing from small but mighty baby hands.

Other than mixing it up with these pieces, the only other jewelry I wear regularly is my wedding rings and a bracelet Justin gave me for Christmas (I forgot to get a photo of it!).

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