The Accessories I’ve Been Wearing All Summer

One of the reasons I like wearing a basic t-shirt so often is because that allows me to sort of pick any lipstick or pair of earrings to complete the outfit! The Accessories I’ve Been Wearing All Summer  This summer I’ve been wearing a lot of the same things and I thought I’d run through a few of my favorites on this post!

  1. Madewell Tassel earrings – I love that these are statement earrings without being heavy. If you’ve been reading the blog long enough you may remember I had to have my ear repaired after an earring ripped almost completely through the lobe. Since then I’ve tried to avoid heavy statement earrings as much as possible! Not only does the thread on these earrings remind me so much of my friendship bracelet-making youth, but they are simple enough to go with a basic tee or easy enough to match with a dressier outfit. I have a few different styles and love them all. My sister also sells some similar versions in her shop!
  2. Maya Brenner necklace – I got my first Maya Brenner rose gold initial necklace after Luke was born. Before that I had a “J” bracelet for Justin which I still have of course. After Emily arrived I sent my necklace back to have an “E” added to my necklace with the boys’ initials so I could have all my children on one necklace! I love how delicate and light it is. I wear it nearly every day! I do not shower, sleep or work out with it, just FYI.
  3. Le Papier Studio Silhouette necklace – This is another cherished personalized necklace of the boys’ silhouettes. I love how simple and pretty it is, and that it’s my boys profiles right on the necklace! I need to take a photo of Emily to add her to the chain soon!

There are certainly other pieces of jewelry I’ve worn this summer too, but these three were the most worn of my collection.

The nail polish colors I’ve been wearing over and over are Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish in Style Stunner or Model Citizen or The It Factor. This line of nail polish is the only, THE ONLY I TELL YOU, nail polish that will last several days on my nails that is not a “cure with the light soak in acetone to remove” gel polish. It is simply 2 coats of color + 1 coat of topcoat to get the best effect. It’s easy to polish, dries quickly, and I’d argue is the longest you’ll be able to get out of nail color.

If you like polishing your own nails, check this video out to see how to get the MOST out of your manicure.

I’m curious, do you like changing out your jewelry every day, or do you typically wear the same few items over and over?

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