The Dailies

As my style has become significantly more casual, I find myself wearing more and more simple jewelry too. I think accessorizing with a bit of jewelry, even if it’s rather subtle, is a nice way to look “put together” without going over-kill on the bling.

It’s hard for me to remember a time before wearing gold or rose gold jewelry too. Do you feel the same? I wore silver my entire life, but as soon as gold came back into the picture a few years back, I converted instantly and never looked back.

My jewelry lives in the secretary in my bedroom, but I also have a small, glass jewelry box on my nightstand to take off my “dailies” every night.



Moonstone in Gold (℅)


Petite Solitare Diamond Ring (℅)


Maya Brenner stacking ring + Dual Birthstone Ring (℅)


I’ve also become a watch wearer in an effort to not rely so much on my phone for the time. I wasn’t sure about the leather strap, but I knew that a metal watch would be too cumbersome with carrying David around or changing him. Since the day I got this watch, I haven’t missed a day of wearing it. It was sold out at but I found it here!


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